Welcome Home

Written by Dan Moring

Happy homecoming on this Earth Day and every day.

You see, while we’re engineers at our heart, we also dabble in etymology from time to time.  Our trusty word history books tell us that oikos is the Greek word for home.  This root shows up in two very important concepts we struggle to balance and optimize every day—the ecology and the economy.  In the most literal sense, economy is the management of the house and ecology is the knowledge or study of the house.

While the two are often set up as opposing priorities, decades of simultaneous economic growth and improvement in environmental quality demonstrate that they are not mutually exclusive.

Every day, we seek out innovative solutions with our collaborators and clients that allow them to better understand what the natural environment requires and provides, so we can design spaces and systems that advance human endeavors with minimal impact on the natural systems that support us all.  We believe that the very best design is one that re-thinks apparent conflicts and removes them, rather than simply applying technology to mediate the tension.

To be sure, there can be tensions between ecology and economy, but they need not be zero-sum.  If you look at the root of the word and the heart of the discussion, it’s really about how we understand and manage the only home we have—Earth.  We encourage everyone to take a holistic view of the issue.

After all, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

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