Welcome to the Fan Club!

Engineers tend to get a bad rap as far as personalities are concerned. While a lot of really hard math does get crunched within our walls, we’ve been known to step away from the slide rules from time to time. Look for this space to feature both light hearted and thought provoking insights into our world.

Like all of the best clubs membership has its privileges:

  • Submit your own stick figure and we’ll post it here. Let’s stick together!
  • Keep up on all the latest from your favorite engineers, designers, and administrative personnel.
  • Got a question? We might have an answer! Energy policies, sustainable technologies, what to make for dinner. We’re here to help solve problems.
  • We love to laugh (loud and long and clear…). Jokes, conundrums, and cleverly bad puns (see fan) all have a place at IBC Engineering.
  • Comments, compliments, and donuts are always welcome.


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